[Tianjun Vehicle] Warmly congratulate the successful delivery of batch export vehicles of Zhumadian Tianjun

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On the morning of June 5, batch delivery of container transport semi-trailer exported to Southeast Asia by Zhumadian Tianjun was made.

With high quality trailer, innovative product development, scientific trailer design and perfect craftsmanship, Zhumadian Tianjun has established a mutually trusting partnership with foreign enterprises.

We will continue to study and research, and we will do our best to achieve far. The trust of customers comes from the quality of Tianjun's products and services. Zhumadian Tianjun combines the local transportation characteristics, road conditions and transportation media in foreign countries to create high-end quality models for expert users.

Since entering the overseas market, Tianjun export vehicles have been loved by foreign customers and quickly become the star product with a leading market share.

The hot sales situation shows the strong brand appeal and excellent product strength of Zhumadian Tianjun. Zhumadian Tianjun firmly internationalization journey does not waver, continue to product innovation and upgrade, force more quality Tianjun products exported abroad, so that made in China, Tianjun manufacturing become the world's pride!