Work Out "Good Start" | Zhumadian Dali Tianjun: Innovation Leading and Striving to Be a Leader in the Manufacturing of Special Vehicle

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    Innovation is the foundation of enterprise development. As a leading enterprise in specialized vehicle manufacturing in Zhumadian, Tianjun has continuously increased its research efforts, broken through conventions, and enhanced its development momentum, creating a new chapter in future vehicle manufacturing.

    During the Spring Festival, walking into the production workshop of Tianjun, the machines flew and welding splattered, creating a new scene of modern vehicle industry transformation and development. With a gentle tap on the computer by the technician, the intelligent robot, in an instant, worked freely along the set trajectory, demonstrating the charm of "intelligent manufacturing".

    Tianjun mainly produces a series of vehicles such as container transport semi-trailers, fence transport semi-trailers, and flat transport semi-trailers. The company's core vision is to "build the first brand of high-strength steel semi-trailers in China", by making reasonable improvements to the traditional production process, optimizing and adjusting the layout and installation of equipment, while ensuring product quality and load-bearing capacity to reduces the kerb mass of vehicles and create greater profit margins for customers.


    "This is the newly launched Golden Elephant version of fence transport semi-trailer by Tianjun in 2024, with a total weight of 5.38 tons, which is more than one ton lower than the conventional models in the market. This lightweight vehicle is very popular in the mark "said Zhu Keheng, the semi-trailer department head of the company's technical.

    Tianjun adheres to the development direction of technology, innovation, and quality, continuously injecting new momentum into the manufacturing industry. In terms of technological, we are committed to researching and applying new materials such as high-strength steel, and have obtained more than 40 patents related to special vehicles. Among them, high-precision sheet metal automatic processing equipment is the first in the domestic industry; In terms of equipment investment, we aim to achieve green, intelligent, and integrated development by introducing intelligent workstations for robots and intelligent welding production lines for chassis robots; In terms of product quality, strict detail standards and process control are implemented to ensure that each vehicle is a guarantee of quality and reputation.


    Wang Tao the head of the comprehensive department of the technology, told reporters, "The company started certification in April last year and completed E-Make testing and OTTC by the end of 2023. Passing this factory audit and obtaining the OTTC means obtaining the key to entering the Russian market."

    At present, Tianjun's production plant, intelligent work island, laser robots, electrostatic spraying lines and other advanced equipment are readily available, with a wide range of child and mother” semi-trailers, box type cold chain logistics vehicles, and various special vehicles. The customers are spread throughout the country and have successfully exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and Russia, forming a favorable situation for the integration and development of domestic and international "dual circulation".


    Yang Kun the General Manager of Marketing department of Tianjun said: "In 2024, Tianjun will continue to innovate and upgrade in new technologies, new materials, new processes etc., with the concept of energy conservation and consumption reduction, multi pulling and fast running, low failure rate and service guarantee, to create products that are widely recognized by customers and have higher operational value. Meanwhile, it will follow the national the Belt and Road strategy to further expand overseas markets."