Greetings from the Spring Festival

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On February 3rd, 2024, as the Spring Festival was approaching, Feng Lei the Secretary of the Yicheng District Committee, and his delegation visited and comforted Tianjun Company facing the wind and snow convey his greetings from Chinese government.

Wu Sangang the Chairman of Tianjun and Yang Shisong the deputy general manager etc. extended a warmly welcome.

    Secretary Feng, carefully inquired about the production and sales situation of the company, whether there were any difficulties, and reminded to pay attention to cold-proof measures in rainy and snowy weather.

    Mr. Wu's gave a detailed explanation in carefully on these issues.

    Secretary Feng, affirmed the achievements of Tianjun Company in 2023, and sincerely thanked Tianjun for its contributions to the industrial development of Zhumadian, and wished Tianjun have reached a new level in the New Year!