Warmly congratulate the batch delivery of intelligent dump truck in East China region of Zhumadian Tianjun

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On August 22, at 9:00 a.m., the intelligent dump trucks in the factory of Zhumadian Tianjun were arranged into rows early, ready to meet the customers' inspection and batch delivery.

Gallantly, with a high spirit, driving Tianjun like BMW, the car travels thousands of miles like a dragon.

Carrying gold bricks, pulling jade pillars, driving the golden boat of Tianjun, wealth gathering four seas running. Accompanying the customers to walk in the green steel jungle, we sincerely wish the customers driving the money-making machine produced by Tianjun, smooth sailing, wealthy and gold.

Appearance inspection, hard top lift, vehicle lift, inspection by unit, in an orderly manner.

"Refuse dusty, no defective paint, no soil, fast unloading", after serious and careful inspection, the customer gave high evaluation and full affirmation to Tianjun products. Customers said the reason why they will choose Tianjun for large orders is precisely because of the recognition of Tianjun brand and Tianjun quality, and said there will be a large number of subsequent orders to follow up.

For the customer's trust and recognition, we sincerely express our gratitude and also feel proud, because Tianjun can accompany you all the way with good car with heart. As a famous brand of Chinese special vehicle, Zhumadian Tianjun leads the new concept of environmental protection vehicle and develops a new generation of intelligent dump truck that meets the national conditions of China and the needs of many parties. To provide users with safe, environmentally friendly, intelligent, reliable and efficient dumper truck solutions. In the journey of helping users to realize their dreams, let the city away from the dust infestation.