【Tianjun Vehicle】Warmly congratulate the batch delivery of export vehicles of Tianjun Vehicle

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In the afternoon of May 11, the export semi-trailers sent to Southeast Asian countries by Zhumadian Tianjun Company were lined up in rows and delivered in batches, adding further development momentum for customers.

Southeast Asia market is one of the important strategic markets of Zhumadian Tianjun Company, Tianjun Company combines the local transport characteristics, road conditions and transport medium in Southeast Asia, and innovates and upgrades the export vehicles according to the customer's demand, and continues to improve the product details, and its quality and performance are liked by Southeast Asian customers.

As an export product, Tianjun has very strict control on product quality requirements, which not only requires Tianjun products to meet the domestic standards, but also the standards and regulations of local countries. We always adhere to the quality policy of "product is human, quality is market", strictly control the quality inspection from design process to inspection, from stamping, welding, spraying to assembly process, and connect with international standards to build a three-dimensional quality assurance system.

The export models of Tianjun with humanized design, personalization and higher reliability meet international product standards and are popular in foreign markets, fully demonstrating the international competitiveness and influence of Tianjun's products. The successful delivery of this batch of export vehicles is not only the further development of local market by Zhumadian Tianjun, but also the important performance of further deepening the partnership with Southeast Asian customers.

Zhumadian Tianjun, the rising bright star of China's special vehicle industry, carrying the dream of Tianjun people, is stepping out of the country and going to the world with a resolute pace!