2 Axles Gooseneck Skeleton Semi Trailer

Mainly produces all kinds of semi-trailers, dump trucks, refrigerated trucks, city vehicles and other special vehicles

Scientific design to ensure security

The whole body adapts the most advanced PRO/ENGINEER three dimension design, finite element analysis, and frame mechanics analysis to guarantee the rationality of structure as well as to ensure every parts in optimized matching and enable the vehicle to achieve uniform load while lowering the spring and tire wear and guaranteeing the security of vehicle.

Quality OEM to guarantee security

The raw materials of Tianjun series semi-trailer are purchased from famous brands, and the steel used are of high quality. We pursue to ensure high quality and capacity while lowering the curb weight to make more profits for our customs. We have built sourcing system to guarantee the high quality.

Latest side beam to guarantee high capacity

Tianjun lightweight high strength steel semi-trailer uses new side beam which not only increase the width of the bottom side, but also increase the edge fold of 20mm.This design promotes the vehicle intensity, increase the vehicles bearing capacity effectively, and ensure the vehicle not easy to distort.

Exquisite workmanship

The beam uses H style steel flange straightening machine, which can effectively eliminate the influence of flame correction and the welding stress of H-beam. This workmanship can guarantee the beam’s intensity and prevent bending deflection of beam flange plate.

High strength frame

The main-beam and though beam form a space frame structure. The main-beam adopts high quality and high tensile steel, automatic submerged arc welding, and the overall uses shot penning treatment; all of which can balance strength, stiffness, toughness, higher loading capacity and prevent deformation permanently.

Special suspension

Stamping rigid suspension are made of tandem leaf spring and hanging support. This reasonable design guarantees strong rigidity and strength used for bearing load and reduces impact. Balanced axle load, and reasonable design for lever angle reduces the friction sliding distance as well as lower the tire wear effectively.

Light curb weight

Under the premise to guarantee the intensity, we reduce partial weight, use new accessories and ensure good loading capacity while reduce curb weight.

Quality breaking system

Double circuit brake system, well-known brands relay valve, and high quality ABS safeguard the security of the vehicle’s movement and extending the tire’s life span.

LED energy saving light

The latest technical LED energy saving lamps have high degree of brightness, perception and pass fog ability with stable performance and long life span.





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