Daily and monthly inspection items of trailers:

1. Required items when running for the first time:

The leaf spring fixed U-bolt, after the first three loading of the new car, must be tightened; Tire pressure, axle tire bolts, whether various trachea connections are leaking, brake return;

2. Daily mandatory items:

Trailer air pressure status, air circuit connector sealing situation, trailer brake return situation, trailer lamp working status, tire pressure, tire bolts are loose? Is the leaf spring fragmented?

3. Monthly mandatory items:

Is the expansion and contraction of the sub-pump pusher normal? The size of the gap between the brake pad and the brake drum (brake disc), the wear condition of the brake pad, brake drum and brake disc, and whether the connections of the circuit are loose? Are the wheels loose? Are the front and rear wheels in a straight line? Are U-bolts loose? Is the tie rod loose? Is the matching gap between the balance arm and the balance arm pin, the matching gap between the traction pin and the saddle, and the airbag fixing bolt, cantilever and shock absorption loose?